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The Screening Programme has produced a number of factsheets and leaflets as well as co-produced the parent handbook.  The main audiences for our literature are either Health Care Professionals in the antenatal and newborn screening to care pathways and parents-to-be or parents of a newborn baby who has been identified as a carrier of an unusual haemoglobin gene.Many of these resources can be ordered in multiple copies, free of charge, from our distribution centre – please call 0191 496 9735 or email


Booklets published by the UK NSC

The UK NSC has developed an information leaflet, Screening Tests For You and Your Baby that covers both antenatal and newborn screening.


The two new at risk carrier couple leaflets

The NHS Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia Programme has produced 2 new leaflets with information for couples at risk of having a baby with Sickle Cell Disease or Beta Thalassaemia Major. Each leaflet provides information about the condition, the tests available for the baby during pregnancy and the choices the couples have. The leaflets are:

1. Haemoglobin blood test results Information for a couple at risk of having a baby with sickle cell disease

2. Haemoglobin blood test results Information for a couple at risk of having a baby with thalassaemia major


Suite of eight adult carrier leaflets

The Screening Programme has produced a number adult carrier leaflets which cover eight states of carrier variants.  The leaflets are designed to support the communication of haemoglobinopathy carrier results to adults in the antenatal screening pathway as well as other times throughout their lives.


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