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Second edition of the standards

During 2010/11 the Programme conducted a consultation on revisions to the available 2nd edition of the programme standards which supported a "light touch" revision and good support for the continuing use of Donabedian principles to set aims, objectives, criteria and standards to assess the quality of the Programme. An Equality Impact Assessment showed we needed to do more work on offering screening and counselling to baby's fathers.

The main changes to the second edition are inclusion of cross-programme generic screening objectives, the evidence base for the standards, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), information on what we mean by a linked programme and issues around non paternity. The objectives, criteria and standards in sections Six, Seven and Eight have been clarified and changes have been made to acceptable and achievable levels. A document highlighting the detailed changes to these sections is also available. Paper copies are available on request from here.

The second edition of the programme standards became fully operational from 1st April 2012. Although the standards are specifically aimed at England, they may be useful in the development and implementation of screening programmes in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Please send any comments you have to the Programme Office. Currently, the standards are being reviewed and in development.

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